About Me

Welcome to my blog I hope you stick around and read some things I’ve written here and even better that you decide to follow me ( I’ll follow back, I promise !).

I’m putting together blogs about the things I love and am passionate about ; travel , good food and a good,robust,red wine.

I’ve been fortunate so far in my life in that I’ve visited many countries and I’m planning on visiting many more. I’ll pop some pictures on here when I do and there are some on my instagram feed at instagram.com/glynwrites    Why not take a look ?

I love eating well and have been to some really very good restaurants but more often than not it’s the little ones that really blow you away.

Sometimes I’ll get something down about keeping fit and healthy and also karate because they are some other things I feel strongly about.

All the views here are mine and for the most part based on personal experience.

Anyway, stick around, have a look. Feel free to comment. I’m pretty new to this so I won’t be offended if it’s bad. Well , not too much.